Terms of Service

Last Updated: 11:12 PM July 31st, 2018

Prohibited Uses and User Liability

Section I

The use of DrewPost is subject to these terms and conditions
and by breaking these your account can and will be terminated.

Use of DrewPost for any thing that is illegal is strictly prohibited. The use of DrewPost in anyway to cause harm to anyone is also prohibited.
Any user account that breaks these terms and conditions shall have their account terminated, and in the case of duplicate account creation, their
IP Address banned from DrewPost.

Section II

By using DrewPost you agree to forfeit all rights to sue DrewPost and its creators. Any attempt to hack the server and/or access
data not belonging to your user account in authorized ways will end in your account being terminated. DrewPost assumes no
responsibility for any harm incurred by using DrewPost.

Privacy Policy

Handling of User Personal Data

DrewPost supports, and in most cases requires the use of the HTTPS protocol for client-server communication to protect data en-route between a users
computer and DrewPost's server. All stored passwords are hashed, and salted for security. We do store the following information as plain-text in the database:
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth (As UNIX timestamp)
Email Address
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